Most common questions from our clients

Are you a Bank?

No, we are Licensed Mortgage Brokers. The advantage? Since we are not a bank we are not limited to offer your only certain loan products. We are approved to work with the Top Lenders in the US as well as with medium size lenders, private firms that lend money and hard equity lenders. In a few words: Mortgage Brokers have more loan options than traditional banks, we make them compete for your business. 

Does our service cost you?

No, we get paid by the lenders from the loan proceeds. Our lenders pay us directly and our service and expertise its FREE to our clients. If you are buying a home we get paid by the seller and again, our professional real estate services and expertise its FREE to our clients.

Am I going to get approved?

Of course! having hundreds of loan programs to choose from and access to all real estate available for sale coast to coast, we are confident that we can get you approved and help you buy your property.